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Yoga with Alicia (YogiAlicia.com) is a unique, inclusive yoga, wellness and lifestyle website that gives individuals and organizations creative tools for health, happiness, empowerment, and success in life. We teach our clients how to relieve stress, improve well-being, increase productivity and lead a life of purpose. We offer fun and exciting experiences online and in exotic locations worldwide for self-development, including workshops, courses, concerts, yoga retreats, and meet-ups.


To help professional people in Asia and worldwide to recharge, rehabilitate their holistic health, empower their lives, and find happiness and success by providing fun, creative and empowering yoga and wellness experiences in exotic locations around the world, as well as online. 

To make yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of race, age, gender or body type. To create a space where students feel included, valued, free to express themselves and to let their light shine fearlessly in the world.


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