The One Thing You Need to Launch a Successful Online Business This Year

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How to Launch a Successful Online Business with Dr. Alicia Saldenha of

When we think about starting an online business, especially as newbies, one of our first concerns is getting a website.

It seems the obvious starting point, and the means to launch the enterprise.

What you don’t understand is that a website is woefully inadequate for meeting your needs.

Creating an online business is the perfect way to monetize your expertise, offer a valuable service to others, and enjoy more prosperity and freedom in your life.

A website, however, is just one of the myriad tools required to do this.

You might acquire an inexpensive or even free website, only to discover it demands various external parts and pieces to function as is necessary and to perform as a complete business.

What you need is not a mere website.

You require a comprehensive system or platform, capable of performing multiple functions in every aspect of your business, like marketing, sales, and email. Without this, you’ll struggle to find success.

Precious time, money, and energy will flow down the drain as you try cobbling together different products and tools from a hundred separate companies, attempting to make them work well with each other in order to run your business.

Forget this.

The one thing you need to launch a lucrative online business this year is an integrated platform.

And you can have this with Kajabi.

Kajabi is an all-in-one online business platform that gives you all the digital tools you need and a simplified way to create and scale your business.

Everything you need is in one place. You can log into a single dashboard to access all areas of your business: website, products, email, marketing, and community.

You can enjoy this freedom, even as a newbie. The system is intuitive, making it easy to learn. The company offers free daily trainings to its members. And if you run into problems, there’s support available online.

You’ll save tons of money since you won’t need to buy a bunch of external tools and services, and you won’t have to hire an expensive web developer unless you want something complicated and specific.

I can write a book about the awful and expensive experiences I had when I first began my online business journey and bought myself a Wordpress website, which everyone online said was the absolute best.

That was some serious hogwash. Don’t fall into the same trap.


Instead, sit back and relax while I tell you of some of the amazing features of Kajabi, and how the platform will transform your business and your life.

And at the end, I’ll also offer you a chance to take Kajabi for a spin with a free trial. 😎



If you want to run a professional online business, you’ll need an effective website. Despite the claims from various website providers that their products are easy to use, most people need to hire expert help. Soon, that cheap or free website morphs into the money pit from hell.

With Kajabi, you can build a professional and beautiful website, within a few days, on your own, even with no tech experience.


You’ll find well-designed themes you can choose, or you can put Kajabi’s elegant building blocks together to construct your own site from scratch.

Kajabi is endlessly customizable, so you can create the website of your dreams, in a style that suits you, fits your requirements, and matches your branding.

Gone will be the days of struggling with plugins and updates that undo all your work — a common feature with sites like Wordpress. And you won’t have to pay for website hosting anymore from sites like BlueHost or SiteGround.



Kajabi makes it easy for you to package and monetize your knowledge, expertise, and experience, in the form of digital products.

A digital product is something you can sell for cash, which doesn’t have a physical form. Unlike physical products like T-shirts, cars, or books, digital products cannot be touched, and are consumed in digital form.

E-books read online, or on a digital reading device, blogs, videos, podcasts, audio or video courses are all examples of digital products.

Entrepreneurs find many advantages to selling digital products, not to mention great profit.

You don’t have to worry about storage space and supply chains with digital products, which lowers your overhead by a lot.

You’re not restricted to one place or time zone since you can sell to anyone, anywhere, who has an internet connection.

One of the biggest selling points is the freedom it brings. Once you create the product, you can, quite literally, sell it in your sleep. Your customers pay and then download or access their purchase. There’s no need for you to re-create the product for each sale.


With Kajabi, you can craft and sell an array of high-value, polished offerings, such as e-books, workshops, master classes, mini-courses, signature courses, online summits, paid podcasts, and paid membership sites.

You’re limited only by your imagination.



It’s a breeze to get paid for your services with Kajabi.

Live tutorials, workshops, and courses have spread like digital wildfire during the global pandemic, with millions of people stuck at home and looking for something to do.

But even before this crisis, the online service industry has been blossoming.

If you’re nervous about going live — no worries. You can package your services as an evergreen product.

And of course, you can deliver your services, when appropriate, in person. Here, Kajabi can help you present and promote your services, communicate with your customers, set up appointments, and collect payments.



By the way, Kajabi is superb for entrepreneurs offering physical products as well.

You can craft attractive, professional sales pages to showcase your goods, and automatically collect payment from your customers.

And if you already have an e-commerce store for selling your goods, like WooCommerce or Shopify, you can smoothly integrate it into your Kajabi platform.



You’ll love how easy it is to get paid with Kajabi. Quickly integrate Stripe and/or PayPal to collect payments for your services.

Flexibility is yours. Set up your payment system as you please — a free trial, paid trial, one-time payment, recurring plan, subscription, monthly membership — whatever works best for you and your clients.

But the cherry on top? You receive 100% of your earnings.

Unlike other platforms, Kajabi does not take a percentage of your revenue.

Instead, they charge a membership fee, which gives you the outstanding ability to create and sell as many products as you please. You can readily offset the cost of membership from your earnings.



A fabulous way to deepen your relationship with your customers and boost your revenue is to set up a paid membership.

Members-only special content motivates your customers to sign up. With Kajabi, you can set up a membership in a short time, on your own terms, in a format that suits your goals.

Members pay a premium for exclusive, high-quality content. You can offer anything from longer or unique articles, courses, workshops, or even Q&As or coaching.

Even better, you can design your membership and payment system in whatever style you wish — a one-time payment, monthly or annual subscriptions, even with different membership levels and prices.



Kajabi allows you to send marketing emails from your custom domain. Email is one of the most vital and powerful of all marketing tools.

You can utilize Kajabi’s customizable emails to reach, engage, and nurture your customers, so they fall in love with you and continue to buy your products and services.

With Kajabi, you’ll be able to send two types of email campaigns — one-time broadcasts, and multi-email sequences — with several gorgeous templates to edit and wow your customers.

Add your own branding, logo, video, and even countdown timers, with just a few clicks.

Say sayonara to paying for add-ons like MailChimp, AWeber, ActiveCampaign, and ConvertKit. Manage everything from your Kajabi desktop — the one ring to rule them all.



As an entrepreneur, you need powerful landing pages and sales pages that attract customers, encourage them to like and trust you, and make them want to purchase your offerings.

With just a few simple steps, Kajabi lets you create appealing pages that convert and boost your revenue.

Kajabi’s pages are stunning and customizable, so you can incorporate your branding at ease. Integrate the pages into your website, or use them as stand-alone pages.

Versatility is yours.



Did you know that over half of all Google searches take place on a mobile phone? In the United States, adults spend around 4 hours on average each day connected to the web by mobile.

It’s not enough to create beautiful pages or websites. They must be mobile-friendly.

The average user will bounce if your page takes 10 seconds or more to load. Just 10 seconds! Making your pages compatible with mobile is a must.

Kajabi’s designers have woven mobile compatibility into their templates, so even the most tech-challenged individuals can build effective websites that attract and convert.




People are the most essential component of your business. Kajabi works like a charm in helping you to keep track of the people you serve, the leads you generate, so you can nurture and grow these relationships.

With the click of a button, manage your current clients and potential customers. Tag people by their behavior, create personal notes about them in your records, and use the information in your marketing and sales.



One of the most helpful features of Kajabi is its mobile app. Give your customers access to your services and products on the go. They can enter and enjoy whenever they wish, wherever they are.

They’ll appreciate the flexibility you provide and engage more with you and your business. More engagement leads to more meaningful connections with your clients, and more earnings in your bank account.




Make smarter decisions with real-time data and invaluable insights into your business. You don’t have to guess your next move. Play like the chess champ you are, with Kajabi’s first-class analytics.

You’ll have reports, customer progress tracking, and even user forecasting at your fingertips.

Enjoy helpful metrics such as net revenue, subscription data, page views, opt-ins, offers sold, and affiliate sales.

Understand how your customers engage with your business so you can do more of what works, improve what doesn’t, and foster closer relationships with your clients.



Another super helpful and to-write-home-about feature of Kajabi is the fully automated, beautifully designed pipelines. These automated marketing and sales funnels help you craft an enticing user experience, guiding your customer from the time they land on your page to making a purchase at the end.

Kajabi’s pipelines really stand out from the crowd for ease of use and effectiveness. They’ve even teamed up with best-selling entrepreneur and performance coach, Brendon Burchard, to design powerful pipeline blueprints you can seamlessly integrate into your business with a few clicks.



Kajabi stands head and shoulders over the competition with its easy-to-use and impactful Events feature.

If you want to generate buzz, get a high turnout and a high conversion rate, you’ll love Kajabi’s game-changing feature.

Events hands you a new, creative way to market your business, generate excitement, reconnect with your users, and attract prospective customers along the way.

Use Events to promote an upcoming webinar or course, for example. With email opt-ins and special sequences, you can nurture your customers and easily generate massive sales.



We can all agree that the year 2020 has changed the face of business forever. The future, more than ever, is online. It’s digital. And the clock is ticking. The time to act is now.

With Kajabi, you’ll have a powerful platform for the digital age that makes running your business a walk in the park, gives you abundant returns and leaves you plenty of time and freedom to enjoy your life.

Fear of technology is one of the biggest obstacles people face when thinking about or trying to start a business.

Put these worries aside and let Kajabi do the heavy lifting while you focus your time and energy on what you really want to do.

Now that’s absolutely fabulous! 💃🏽

I hope you’ve enjoyed this overview of Kajabi’s advanced and yet easy-to-use features. With this one tool, you can design the business, and as a result, the life you desire.

And to support you in your endeavor, I’m happy to present you with a special offer — a free trial of Kajabi’s one-of-a-kind platform.

The best way to learn about the system and to see how it can transform your business is by actually using it.

So take Kajabi for a spin. Just follow this link and let the magic happen.*

Contact me if you have questions about Kajabi, starting an online business, or improving your well-being. You can email me at


* I only recommend products that I truly love. If you become a paying member with my affiliate link, as a Kajabi Partner, I’ll earn a small commission — perhaps enough to buy a new yoga top. Perhaps. Yoga clothing is expensive these days. 🧘🏽‍♀️ Thanks a mil!




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