3 Awesome Benefits of a 1:1 Private Session

You won't get this in a group class or from a YouTube video.








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1:1 Transcendent Flow™—Soulful Dance & Moving Meditation

A fun, uplifting, and empowering workshop created by Dr. Alicia Saldenha, suitable for everyone. No experience required. 

Enjoy one of Alicia's signature workshops, incorporating elements of yoga, breathwork, meditation, qi gong, tai chi, dance, and sound healing.

Free your body, calm your mind and transform your life.💃🏽☀️🙏🏾

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Happiness & Well-Being Assessment

What are you waiting for? Just as essential as your annual health checkup, your happiness and well-being assessment helps you evaluate where you are, determine where you'd like to be, fix existing problems, and prevent new ones.

Don't wait for happiness to come to you. Create it, today. 

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1:1 Private Session: Butiful Yoga for Bootylicious, Butiful Beginners

A feel-good, creative, inclusive, and accessible yoga class, suitable for everyone. No experience required. 

You are beautiful, worthy of care, healing, love, happiness, and prosperity.

In this workshop, you'll discover yoga in a way that honors your body, suits your needs, fosters body-kindness, and transforms your life.💃🏽☀️🙏🏾

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1:1 Private Session: Creative Hatha Yoga

An uplifting, creative yoga session incorporating breathwork, meditation, asana, dance, and sound. Suitable for complete beginners up to intermediate practitioners

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1:1 Private Session: Creative Chair Yoga

Enjoy a feel-good, creative, inclusive, and accessible yoga class, suitable for beginners as well as experienced yogis.

Making the practice of yoga accessible to all, this workshop incorporates yoga, breathwork, meditation, qi gong, music, and dance to create an uplifting, joyful experience. 

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1:1 Private Session: Smile-Sound™ Meditation

10x your healing with Alicia's signature workshop. Experience a unique embodied meditation practice, drawing on the healing energies of the inner smile, breathwork, and sound healing. 

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1:1 Private Session: Social Justice Healing Meditation

A powerful meditation workshop for transforming ethnic-based trauma and anxiety into healing. This session is for everyone struggling with racialized trauma and wishing to work for social change and social justice. 

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1:1 Private Session: HIIT Your Asana — Power Yoga HIIT

An invigorating workshop fusing yoga, strength training, cardio, and breathwork to 10x your holistic health, fitness, and empowerment.

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1:1 Private Success Session

This special, 1-hour workshop helps you create a personalized plan for your business success.

Whether you're an artist, new yoga or wellness instructor, or budding entrepreneur, this session is for you.

Some of the services I provide are:

  • Finding and validating your business idea
  • Branding Basics
  • Launching Your Website & Online Business
  • Productivity & Getting Stuff Done 
  • Successful Goal-Setting
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